Sossity does sensitivity reads for a wide range of clients, genres and topics. They have worked with everyone from individual authors to major publishing houses on projects including role playing games, comic strips, novellas, essays, children's books, novels, textbooks, and holistic self-help books.

She can read for topics related to body size, disability, chronic pain/illness (including lived experience, healthcare systems, self and community advocacy), mental health (including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and eating disorders), poverty/working class, non-binary/gender spectrum, queer identities, and survivor experiences (sexual, emotional, and mental.) 

Sossity has a BA in Women/Gender Studies and Humanities, and decades of personal research, lived experience, and grassroots activism on a range of relevant topics. She is a published author, poet, journalist, and creative nonfiction journal editor, and brings an awareness of semantics, emotional impact, and intersecting identities to the reading.

They read for all genres other than horror, and require a content warning for any sensationalized or graphic violence or sexual assault.

If you are interested in learning more or contracting with her, please get in touch.

Client Feedback:

"Your perceptive comments will definitely help us to improve the manuscript, and I am looking forward to discussing the issues raised with the authors. Thanks again for your hard work; your input is much appreciated!"

"Thank you so, so much for your thoughtful, thorough and very kind report... I think you have raised a number of excellent points."

 "I just wanted to say that your feedback on our upcoming book on poverty has been very helpful..."

 "I very much appreciate your thoughtful comments and help unraveling what is a white woman-centered approach..."

" Thank you for your insights. Really helpful work! We'll add your notes ... to the potential topics for discussion."